Artist Statement

These days the word “sculpture” encompasses quite a sweeping terminology in the art arena, including stage systems, volumes and architecture. It goes beyond manual making, and since the Minimal Art of the 1960s has called for machine tooled materials. Faced with this host of possibilities, I nevertheless keep continuity with terra cotta, dismissing no option with regard to the contemporary field, but not turning my back on past art either By looking for the shape, I try to get strengths and to give to my sculptures the sufficient energy which constitutes their presence.

No matter what other media I add later, clay is always at the forefront, the center, the core. Clay is unique and physical. I really become a part of it when I get clay under my fingernails during modeling. I like the physicality of clay, which requires a tremendous bodily effort on my part to work with it. I am responsible for its refining, and in this process, I come to know and understand the material.
The circle as a point of departure, determines the sculpture’s scale and its form to come I like to play with notion of equilibrium and danger in relation to space, keeping the sculpture balanced.
I test matter limit-wise and play with the limits.

By looking for the shape, I try to get strengths and to give to my sculptures the sufficient energy which constitutes their presence.
I try to underwrite vitality, energy and sensuality in sculptures, the folds and recesses, the endless lines, the concave and the convex.
Express by the sculpture, visual way to share the perception, to feel the material, its radiation.
Experiment with the emotion, Showing and hiding at the same time.
If the sculpture as an object remains a device, producing its presence is each time a story to be suggested, an adventure with the matter, time and space…

I'm never without a sketchbook to hand so I am constantly drawing. Drawing is my way to transcribe what I pick-up from my environment. Sometimes the drawings are left in the sketchbook and other times they develop into more in-depth ideas and detailed images. Some of these drawings will later become sculptures.

My work tends to focus and transcribe relationship of man kind and his environment.

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience, but I've always loved mythology, sociology and art history. I live the present time of sculpture highlighted with the field of past art.

The artists I most admire are Bernini, Auguste Rodin, Ingres, Vermeer, Jerome Bosh, Francis Bacon, Constantin Brancusi, Giuseppe Penone, and Louise Bourgeois.

Recently, I had to move from France to United States. I see it as a fantastic opportunity to enlarge my work’s perimeter. A new culture to discover and understand, new world to conquer…